Advent, Christmas and other Sacred Harp tunes of the season

From the 1991 Edition of The Sacred Harp (Denson book),
Revised Cooper Edition of The Sacred Harp (2012),
and The Shenandoah Harmony (2012)

If angels sung a Savior's birth, we well may imitate their mirth.

Tune name1991 Edition
Text hints
Angel's Hymn5t"The Virgin's promised son is born…"
Anthem on the Beginning553"In the beginning was the Word."
Anthem on the Savior355"He … was born of the Virgin Mary, and was cradled in a manger."
Babe of Bethlehem103"But in the hay the stranger lay with swaddling bands around him."
Bennington408t"Shepherds, rejoice! lift up your eyes…"
Bonnie Doon111"It is the Star of Bethlehem…"
Boston438"Methinks I see a heav'nly host of angels on thei wing…"
Carol50"While shepherds watched their flocks by night…"
Charlston262"While shepherds watched their flocks by night…"
Christmas Anthem225225"Angelic armies tune their harps…"
Christmas Hymn387"Then let us be merry, cast sorrow away…"
Cookham81"'Hark!' the herald angels sing…"
Frewsburgh50"To shepherds, as they watched by night…"
Georgia386"Hark! Hark! what news the angels bring…"
Glory Shone Around98180"While shepherds watched their flocks by night…"
Hark, Hark111"Hark! Hark! what news the angels bring…"
Hull139"The promised Son to us is giv'n…"
Joyful News244"Joy to the world! The Lord is come!"
Jubilee144144"Glory, honor and salvation: Christ, the Lord is come to reign"
Judea388"A virgin unspotted the prophet fortold…"
Messiah131t131t"He comes, He comes!"
Milford273"If angels sung a Savior's birth…we well may imitate their mirth," [1]
Morning Star220"How spendid shines the morning star…"
Nativity350A Christmas title
New Bethlehem252"While shepherds watched their flocks by night…"
New Hosanna412412"Hail the morn for unto us a Savior's born."
Northborough214"Behold the spendor, hear the shout…"
Northfield155155"How long must this bright hour delay?"
Oxford306306"Shepherds, rejoice! lift up your eyes…"
Plenary162162"Auld Lang Syne" is often sung to this tune
Portuguese Hymn223223"Haste with songs of triumph, to Bethlehem haste… "
Rapturous Scene62"Hark, how cherubic armies shout and glory leads the song!"
Raymond441[2]"Hark, the glad sound! the Savior comes…"
Rejoice433"Shepherds, rejoice! lift up your eyes…"
Royal Band, The360360"The angels in glory repeat the glad story…"
Shepherd's Star, The81"Hail the blest morn when the great mediator…"
Shepherds Arise408b"Shepherds arise! Be not afraid…"
Shepherds Rejoice152291"Shepherds, rejoice! lift up your eyes…"
Sherburne186186"While shepherds watched their flocks by night…"
Shiloh438"Methinks I see a heav'nly host of angels on their wing…"
Sky, The389"Join the full chorus of the sky."
Star in the East175132"Go worship the Babe in the manger"
Voice to the Shepherds239"Go, shepherds and visit the wonder…"
Wabash54A winter song: "'Tis winter now…"
Winter38A Winter/Spring text
Wonder, The292A meditation on "The love of God unspeakable—'tis a wonder"
Wondrous Love159159"When I was sinking down, Christ laid aside his crown for my soul."

Many contributors, witting or not, including Chris Brown, Paul Figura, Rachel Hall, Tammy Heinsohn, Berkley Moore, Peter Ross, Terre Schill, Samuel Sommers, Jenna Faith Strizak and Matthew Wojcik. Any and all errors are mine, of course. And Samuel Sommers notes:

Other Advent songs [from the 1991 edition] would include 49b, 117, 130, 149, 151, 232, 250, 291, 421, 438, 495, 502, 567, and 572. Other advent hymns might include 102, 121, and 299. But when you consider that traditional sermon topics for Sundays in Advent are the Four Last Things (death, judgment, heaven and hell) one must grope to find a Sacred Harp tune which isn't an Advent song.

—Will Fitzgerald, Christmas, 2005 (revised, Nov. 2006, December 2015)

1: Written as an Easter hymn. Chris Brown and Matthew Wojcik noted that Milford's poetry was "An Hymn for Easter Day," which explains why "If Angels sung a Savior's birth/on that auspicious morn/We well may imitate their birth/Now he again is born."

2: Tune is similar to Cooper Book 198, but a different text.