;; casper data

(def-csr greet-customer "Hello, May I help you?")
(def-csr ask-name "What is your name?")
(def-csr ask-address "What is your address?")
(def-csr ask-name/address "What is your name and address, please?")
(def-csr ask-problem-description "What seems to be the problem?")
(def-csr ask-bits-description "What do the bits look like?")
(def-csr ask-problem-duration "How long have you had the problem?")
(def-csr ask-bits-colour "What colour are the bits?")
(def-csr ask-black-bits "Do you have black bits in your water?")
(def-csr ask-fire-brigade "Have you seen the fire brigade in the area?")
(def-csr tell-water-lead "Your water has lead in it.")
(def-csr tell-fire-brigade-sediment "The fire brigade stirred up some sediment")
(def-csr tell-water-safe "Your water is perfectly safe to drink.")

(def-cust say-problem "I've rung up to complain about my water.")
(def-cust say-address "I live at The Grange on Caledonian Drive in Eccles.")
(def-cust say-name "My name is Mr. Smith. Ronald Smith.")
(def-cust say-name/address "My name is Mr. Smith. Ronald Smith. I live at The Grange on Caledonian Drive in Eccles.")
(def-cust say-problem-description "My water's got bits in it.")
(def-cust say-problem-duration "I just noticed the bits today.")
(def-cust say-bits-colour "The bits are black.")
(def-cust say-fire-brigade "The fire brigade were here earlier working on the hydrants.")
(def-cust ask-water-safe "Is my water safe to drink?")
(def-cust ring-off "Thank you for your help. Good-bye!")

(def-response greet-customer say-problem)
(def-response ask-name say-name)
(def-response ask-address say-address)
(def-response ask-name/address say-name/address)
(def-response ask-problem-description say-problem-description)
(def-response ask-bits-description say-bits-colour)
(def-response ask-problem-duration say-problem-duration)
(def-response ask-bits-colour say-bits-colour)
(def-response ask-fire-brigade say-fire-brigade)
(def-response tell-water-lead ask-water-safe)
(def-response tell-fire-brigade-sediment ask-water-safe)
(def-response tell-water-safe ring-off)